Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fluorescent Lights Out too-

Fluorescent Lights Out too-
I have a tack locker in the barn where I stall my horse Moose. Moose is my horse's name. He came with that handle and I like it. I digress.
At any rate, over the locker is a bank of fluorescent lights. The one over my locker goes out when I come near it. It is the only light that that goes off and on. It does this, usually as I approach the locker, or as I start turning the dial on the combination lock. It's most inconvenient, not to mention darker.
SLIding can be kind of an interesting phenomenon, for a while, but it is mostly a dark side pain of little value.
I'm a SLIder, not a clairvoyant; pity.

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