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Maybe a SLIder walked by...CHEVY VOLT: The Car From Atlas Shrugged Motors


Chevy Volt: The Car From Atlas Shrugged Motors

Patrick Michaels, 03.16.11, 06:00 PM EDT

Who is going to buy all these cars?

The Chevrolet Volt is beginning to look like it was manufactured by Atlas Shrugged Motors, where the government mandates everything politically correct, rewards its cronies and produces junk steel.

This is the car that subsidies built. General Motors lobbied for a $7,500 tax refund for all buyers, under the shaky (if not false) promise that it was producing the first all-electric mass-production vehicle.

At least that’s what we were once told. Sitting in a Volt that would not start at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, a GM engineer swore to me that the internal combustion engine in the machine only served as a generator, kicking in when the overnight-charged lithium-ion batteries began to run down. GM has continually revised downward its estimates of how far the machine would go before the gas engine fired, and now says 25 to 50 miles.

It turns out that the premium-fuel fired engine does drive the wheels–when the battery is very low or when the vehicle is at most freeway speeds. So the Volt really isn’t a pure electric car after all. I’m sure that the people who designed the car knew how it ran, and so did their managers.

Why then the need to keep this so quiet? It’s doubtful that GM would have gotten such a subsidy if it had been revealed that the car would do much of its freeway cruising with a gas engine powering the wheels. While the Volt is more complicated than the Prius, and has a longer battery-only range, a hybrid is a hybrid, and the Prius no longer qualifies for a tax credit.

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Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena - RU Electric SLIder or He's A Magic Man

Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena

RU Electric SLIder or He's A Magic Man

By Jessica Teal

Do you know what a SLIder is? Until last week I had no clue- though the word brings some vague recollection of early 90’s time travelers on the Disney network or something like that. Anyway - it’s a person who affects streetlights and other electronic devices simply by walking by. In other words, a SLIder is the person who walks down, oh, say, Nichol Ave and as he/she passes under the street lights they go out. This person can also affect porch lights, house lights, appliances and other electronic stuff. There is no logical explanation for why this happens consistently to a very small portion of the population. The best and most common explanation of this “ability” is that the SLIder has some weird magnetic energy or electrical outbursts emanating from their body. SLIder stands for “street lamp interference” and now my friends, guess what? - Rutgers has its very own SLIder on campus and he very recently dazzled the RR team with his strange “effects” right on campus.
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